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I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of theatre over the last few weeks, but this week I get to talk about a production far closer to home. It’s that time of year in school where my classroom is full of random props, bags of costumes litter the hall and I’m forever finding various annotated scripts with my initials scribbled on the top. Yes,  it’s time for the performing arts club production.

This year we opted to buy in a script and perform ‘The Mystery of Magpie Manor’, a mini-mystery surrounding a wealthy family in the 1920s and a missing family heirloom.

Now, it’s normal for any production to take a slump towards the end of rehearsals but this one hit a dip like no other. Just two weeks before the children were due to perform, three dropped out, some still didn’t know their lines and the music system was so unreliable it was difficult to rehearse any songs.

However, after three glorious year 5s came to our rescue and stepped into roles at the last minute without any fuss, we found ourselves finally prepared for opening night.

They were brilliant! Everyone performed with fizzing energy. Every song was a joy and every punch line smacked the audience perfectly. I’m learning to have faith in these children and not to underestimate them because of their age. Some of our younger cast have smashed barriers no one thought they would. From the renowned drama queen who pulled off a terrific comedy performance, to the more reserved sisters who remained in character throughout the whole show and confidently sang solo! It was one of those nights that, as their teacher, I couldn’t stop smiling. I left feeling super proud, went straight home to my laptop, and began working on next year’s production….


Oh. My. God.

48hours left.

Months of planning and prepping and rehearsing have led us to this week. We’ve spent today on a last minute hunt for props and costumes before having our final rehearsal.

Everything is as ready as it will ever be. A tree has been erected in the dinner hall and the PE cupboard is now home to Excalibur.

With just one full day left before the performance, the children are far more relaxed than the staff (which is how it should be!). Although today’s performance was not quite as energy-fuelled as other rehearsals, the children have worked hard to put this production together and I’m sure they’ll dazzle for the school and their parents on Wednesday.

Strangely, for me, an odd calmness settled over me today. I’ve got faith in the children to pull it off but it’s also oddly comforting to know that I only have to days left to worry about anything performing arts related! Bring on the show!

Drama and performance is a passion for me so I was really pleased when I was asked to take over the Performing Arts club. We’ve got a bunch of very talented and enthusiastic children this year, and they’ve been working super hard since January to put together a show based on (a topic of their choice) Welsh Myths and Legends.

We’ve seen everything – from costume confusion to corpsing to totally improvised dialogue! Now we’ve got two weeks left until the performance date. Rehearsals are going well but that anxious ‘oh-my-goodness-two-weeks-left’ feeling is starting to trouble me. We’ve got a child who doesn’t know how to yawn, a tyrannical barber’s wife and I’m having to give lessons in villainy at lunch time. The children have done a fabulous job at learning their lines so I’m not too concerned about that, but I am concerned about what I can do to aid their performance. They’ve worked tremendously hard – fashioning a story, a script and creating some brilliant performances – so they deserve the best support they can get. So it’s a shorter blog post from me this week, because I’m neck-deep in music-editing, prop-sourcing and set-designing.  Wish us luck!